Selling a Property

Selling is a dream date of which is unknown

Finding the right buyer at the right time at the right price is the need of the hour.

Property is there no buyer.

Buyer is there right property not there.

If both the above are aligned price dosent match.

If all the three above are matched did'nt find the finance.

Duration of sale

The price offered today will double in 5 years but the price after 5 years need not be doubled, so neccessity of the hour matters in wise decision.

None sells a property other than for a requirement which needs to be understood first before starting any negotiations.

If sale is an option better not to waste time.

All offers are not right offers and all guidances may not be right.

It is for the seller to identify the right offer, right people, right price, purpose and his duties.

For every owner his assets is precious in his views does it suit the buyers requirements-an analysis.